MindTheGapSteveB&WMind The Gap Public Relations bridges the gap for you in public relations, reputation management, crisis communications, and social media marketing.

We do that by providing the services of building:
• Strategic Public Relations Plans
• Crisis Communications Plans
• Crisis Communications Management
• Online Reputation Management

We allow you to keep calm and carry on in your business. Contact us now for a consult.

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Social Media Crisis Communications. Avoid the #Fail.
Get your copy today!

Need help navigating the new dynamics of crisis communications in the age of social media? My book, Social Media Crisis Communications: Preparing for, Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #Fail, can assist you.

The books gives you a crisis communications blueprint that’s fast, flexible, realistic, complete, and doable. You’ll learn how to build a crisis communications plan from the ground up then integrate social media into it.


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