Bridging the Digital Public Relations Gap

Mind The Gap Public Relations

A Digital Public Relations Agency Proactively Connecting B2C

Mind The Gap Public Relations is a digital public relations agency specializing in proactive reputation management, crisis communications, and social media marketing based in North Carolina. We bridge the gap between you and your customer. We help you build and maintain customer relationships through proactive public relations, reputation management, crisis communications, and social media marketing.

We do that by providing the services of building:
• Online Reputation Management
• Crisis Communications Plans
• Crisis Communications Management
• Strategic Public Relations Plans

Through proactive communications, we allow you to keep calm and carry on in your business. We are problem solvers. Solving your problems before you know you’ve got them! Let us manage your communications needs and help you manage your customer service. Contact us now for a consult.

Featured Services

Online Reputation Monitoring Services

Online Review Site Management We monitor all major online review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook. Let’s us manage monitoring for you. Get more information on how we can help you monitor your customers’ experiences here.

Social Media Audits

Social Media Audits Communicating digitally is essential today. Are you communicating effectively with your customers on social media? Don’t invest more money in social media marketing until you get a social media audit done for ROI. Learn more.

The Social Media Crisis Book

Social Media Crisis Communications: Preparing for, Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #Fail,

Social Media Crisis Communications: Preparing for, Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #Fail gives you a crisis communications blueprint.

Avoid the #FAIL. Get the book today.

Thought Leadership

For the Best Customer Service, Think like the Customer

Best Customer Service? Think like the Customer   According to an American Express survey, 55 percent of consumers have stopped a transaction or not made an purchase due to a poor service experience. The survey suggests that business owners should think like a... read more

Standing Your Ground as a Brand

Standing Your Ground as a Brand Standing your ground as a brand can be difficult when it comes to inclusiveness and diversity. I talked a little about this topic here when Honey Maid dealt with a backlash, as did other American legacy brands Cheerios and Chevrolet,... read more

Verify Your Business

Verify Your Business As small business, your digital properties are key to your success. It is important to verify your business on Google Places and now Facebook. You want your customers to when they search for you on Google or Facebook that the page they are going... read more

Do you have a disaster plan for business?

Disaster Plan for Business The weather radio beeps loudly, demanding your attention. TV meteorologists advise you to seek shelter. State of emergency has been declared. Are you prepared for a weather emergency? Do you have a plan? And how will you communicate to staff... read more

Podcasting for Business

Podcasting for Business Podcasts have transformed hours of otherwise tedious commutes for millions of people. Podcasts can be informative, motivational, and entertaining. According to Edison Research, one-third of all Americans 12 years of age or older say that they... read more

Who Owns Social Media?

Who Owns Social Media? As social media becomes more and more integrated into everyday business communications, the question of who owns social media arises in a couple of different forms. The question probably isn’t meant in terms of which department in your... read more

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