Prepared for a crisis?

Be known for how you handled the crisis.

Not the crisis. Every organization at some point will face a crisis situation. A crisis is a part of doing business. Being prepared to communicate during a crisis is part of a business, too. A crisis today can be a cyber attack, active shooter, layoffs, defective product, or natural disaster. Or fill in the blank with what keeps you awake at night. If you can think it then it is possible.

We assess your crisis communications plan.
We map the new plan.
We execute the plan.

Get prepared now


52% of organizations do not have a crisis plan that includes digital and cyber in place.


79% say they are only 12 months away from a potential public relations disaster.

Mind The Gap Public Relations | The Crisis Firm


Being Prepared for the Unforeseen Gives Your Business The Advantage

The evolving threat landscape means leaders today must worry about far more than theft and fraud. They must now consider cyber attacks, terrorism, misconduct, and activism. We understand what keeps executives up at night and work them to prepare for the unseen discreetly.

Mind The Gap Public Relations is a crisis management consulting firm specializing in proactive crisis communications planning, training, and management.

Our principal, Ann Marie van den Hurk, APR, brings twenty years of crisis experience providing executives and boards prepare for and mitigate crises.

Crisis Management

A crisis is a part of doing business today regardless of what industry. Being prepared is essential. We help you prepare for a crisis with the creation of systems allowing you to focus on the situation at hand instead of how to get started in managing it.  And when a crisis happens, we manage the situation from a cyber attack to an active shooter.

Reputation Management

It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only five minutes to destroy it. And in the digital world, it can happen that quickly to an organization. We protect your business with early warning systems through listening programs then provide you with a map moving forward to protect your business in the future. Take action before a situation becomes a crisis.

Cyber Risk

In this technology-driven environment, cyber risk is ever-present. New threats are emerging from hacking and phishing to ransomware and denial of service attacks. Organizations must be secure, vigilant, and resilient cyber attacks minimize risk and optimize new opportunities. Is your company ready to protect intellectual property and customer data?

Thought Leadership

Retail Digital Transformation

Retail Digital Transformation

Is brick-and-mortar shopping dead? Maybe not.   Many retailers are adapting to the digital habits of consumers and working to persuade consumers to move from their computer screens back into stores. In-store pick-up of orders, ordering kiosks, in-store product...

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