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Website Development

You have an open for business sign on your door. But what about virtually? A website is your virtual open sign and so much more. Over 51 percent of small business have websites, while 97 percent of consumers search for services and products online.

Without a website, your small business is virtually invisible to consumers. They can not find you when they are looking for your services and/or products. A website is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for your business.

Plain and simple, you need a website to complete.

Websites are smart investments for your business:

 A 24-hour salesperson and customer service representative.

 A cost-effective marketing/sales channel.

 An adaptable channel easily updated.

■ A measurable marketing tool giving you real-time information.

 A great referral tool for satisfied customers to share with others.

Now that we’ve established why your company needs a website, a good website needs to start with a well-devised plan based on current and future business goals, and then built to suit your business.

We can help you reach your customers online.

Do you need a website? A website design refresh? Or a website assessment?

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