Crisis Communications Management

A crisis is a part of doing business. Being prepared to communicate during a crisis is part of a business, too.

For most organizations it is not a question whether a crisis is going to happen but when a crisis will happen. A crisis can strike any organization. Bad things happen, and how an organization communicates during a crisis can enhance its reputation and often save it. The response often has more impact on the organization’s reputation than the event that caused the crisis.

Many businesses do not have crisis communications plans, thinking they will rarely need such plans. Yet, when asked, 79% say they are only 12 months away from a potential public relations disaster.

Let me ask you the following questions:

Do you feel your organization is prepared for a communications crisis today and in the future?

Do you have a crisis communications plan in place?

Does the plan include social media?

When was the last time the plan was reviewed?

How about updated?

Has staff been trained/drilled?

If you’ve answered “No” or “I don’t know”, then we need to talk.

A crisis will happen to an organization at some point. Now add in social media and the likelihood goes up. Social media can be risky for organizations. And organizations need to be prepared for potential social media meltdowns. While you can’t control social media, you can manage it. Let us help you navigate.

Mind The Gap Public Relations can help you assess your existing crisis communications plan and/or build a custom crisis communications plan from the ground up as well as provide you with on-going support. We also offer online reputation management services including repair.

I have known Ann Marie for more than a decade and worked with her on several projects. She provides exceptional crisis communications counsel by quickly and accurately analyzing the situation and providing concise, actionable recommendations to guide her client through difficult situations.

Spiros Mantzavinos

Founder, The Mantzavinos Group

Our Capabilities

Crisis Communications Plan Audit Your crisis communications plan is reviewed in detail and specific recommendations made to your current crisis communications plan.

Crisis Communications Staff Training

Training of your staff on an existing crisis communications plan. This will include media training for your spokespersons and a drill situation.

Crisis Communications Management

When outside assistance in managing the crisis situation is needed.

Crisis Communications Plan Build

This is a custom build for your organization. It will include meetings with staff, SWOT analysis, and the development of:

– The crisis response team

– Monitoring program creation

– Anticipated scenarios

– Holding statements

Training of staff on the crisis communications plan (media training is part of it for the spokespersons) is included.

Remember it often is not the crisis you will be remembered for, but how you handled it. Get prepared. Now.

Ann Marie van den Hurk

Principal, Mind The Gap Public Relations

Reputation Management

Do you have an idea how you appear when someone “Googles” you? Or do you know what customers are saying about you in conversations taking place on Facebook Pages or Twitter?

Search engines and social media networks index and share what is being said about you and/or your brand from comments in blogs to tweets. What appears in the search engines or on Wikipedia can often define you and your organization. Regardless if it is correct or not.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what people are talking about right now about you? As a business owner, of course, you would want real-time insight into what people are saying about you, your organization, and/or products. It is smart customer service.


Using twenty years of digital and crisis communications knowledge and the best social intelligence platforms, we can assess risk to you and/or your brand’s reputation. Then work with you to mitigate negative public relations protecting your customer relationships.


Contact us now to:

•  Get an online reputation audit conducted.

•  Get help with developing a reputation management plan.

•  Get help managing a reputation crisis.

Providing online reputation management services to protect your online reputation with comprehensive media monitoring and social media listening programs.

Online Review Site Management

Our services for managing online reviews sites include:
• Customized online review response plan.

• Monitoring forty different review sites including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Open Table, and Facebook.

• Listening online allowing you respond promptly to your customers online.

• Analyzing online reviews to provide you with key insights for customer service.

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