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Our Mission

Mind The Gap, a cybersecurity crisis management firm, assists executives in businesses to protect their companies with innovative, proven strategies including risk assessment, risk mitigation, incident response plan development, training, and public relations around cyber risk and cybersecurity.

The mission of Mind The Gap as a cybersecurity crisis management firm is to bridge the gap for organizations in a crisis. We do that by deploying strategic integrated crisis mitigation allowing for your organization to manage and communicate effectively and seamlessly when a threat arises.

Service Matters

As a full-service cybersecurity crisis management agency, we assist you to raise awareness for your organization by connecting you with your customers in a proactive way than protecting those hard-earned relationships.

Mind The Gap provides executives with customized solutions by integrating all available communications channels and technology trends to meet business goals than any other crisis communications management firm. We do this by understanding the changing landscape of technology and risks, using that knowledge and trends to join with client’s goals for an integrated, holistic approach, and assisting clients during every step of the process from assessment to strategy development to implementation of proactive crisis communications planning.

We are located in Newport, Rhode Island in New England; however, we partner with clients throughout the United States and the world.


Ann Marie van den Hurk APR is founder of Mind The Gap Cyber. She brings twenty-five years of management experience, having led IT, operations, and communications departments. In addition, she has worked with executives in diverse sectors in crises, guiding them to resolutions in her decade of work as a consultant.

Ann Marie was a nationally distributed business columnist for Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader and the Tribune Content Agency. Her award-winning column focused on public relations, crisis, marketing, cyber security, and social media for businesses by bringing new media to her readers before it becomes mainstream and breaks it down into digestible terms. In 2013, Ann Marie published her first book, Social Media Crisis Communications: Preparing for, Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #fail through Que.

Born in the Republic of Ireland, raised and educated in the United States, and lived in Europe, Ann Marie blends American and European sensibilities into her practice allowing for a unique global perceptive. She holds an M.S. in Justice and Homeland Security with a concentration in Cybersecurity and Intelligence from Salve Regina University. In addition, Ann Marie has a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Delaware. She is an active member of PRSA, InfraGard, AFCEA International, and SAE International.

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