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Ann Marie van den Hurk APR is principal of Mind The Gap Public Relations. She is an award-winning PRSA-accredited public relations counselor with two decades of experience assisting organizations in navigating the digital sphere successfully and taking leadership in reputation management and crisis communications. She counsels CEO and executives regularly on best and innovative communications practices.

Ann Marie is a nationally distributed business columnist for Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader and is part of the Tribune Content Agency. Her award-winning column focuses on public relations, marketing, and social media for businesses by bringing new media to her readers before it becomes mainstream and breaks it down into digestible terms. In 2013, Ann Marie published her first book, Social Media Crisis Communications: Preparing for, Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #FAIL through Que.

Born in the Republic of Ireland, raised and educated in the United States, and lived in Europe, Ann Marie blends American and European sensibilities into her practice of public relations allowing for a unique global perceptive. She currently hangs her hat in Newport, Rhode Island in New England; however, she works with clients through the United States and the world.

Why work with Ann Marie?

eLogHomes has long been the leader in customized log home design and building nationally. While we have an extensive Internet presence,  we wished to expand our customer relationships and outreach with social media. Ann Marie conducted a social media assessment then provided us with a social media implementation strategy to strengthen existing customers and reach new demographics with great success.

Richard Spoor

President & CEO, eLogHomes

Professional Capabilities:

  • Award-winning PRSA-accredited public relations counselor closing the gap between traditional public relations and digital.
  • Counselor to CEO and executives on best and innovative communications practices.
  • Advisor to food service, hospitality, and retail sectors on digital best practices around social media platforms, location-based networks, websites, customer service, and online reviews.
  • Nationally distributed columnist through the Tribune Content Agency (formerly McClatchy-Tribune Information Services) to over 300 media outlets globally.
  • Author of Social Media Crisis Communications: Preparing for, Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #FAIL published in 2013 by Que.

Results Driven:

  • Managed a crisis for a national real estate owner/developer in the youth market resulting in the salvaging of a $12 million real estate deal.
  • Produced an online review site response plan for an upscale tourism-focused business allowing them to respond effectively and quickly to reviews.
  • Conducted a ShopSmall Saturday campaign via social media for a rural economically disadvantaged downtown shopping district resulting in a 50%-70% increase in sales for stores and restaurants open that day.
  • Launched an integrated marketing plan for a regional craft brewery resulting in a successful opening with multiple media placements and high social media engagement.
  • Launched South African social business in the US market resulting in product placement in high-end museum shops and boutiques and buzz from regional fashion bloggers.

Ann Marie is available to organizations to speak on the following:

• Crisis communications: Planning for the unthinkable and keeping your business communicating and open for business

• When Social Media Hits the Fan: How to do plan for, prevent, and manage a social media crisis.

• Cyber Safety: Keeping yourself and teens safe online through understanding of the platforms, privacy concerns, and coping strategies.

• Digital Presence: In today’s connected world, businesses must have an online presence in order to be competitive.

• Changing Dynamics for Media: Social media has changed how news is gathered and reported which has implications for your business in the news cycle.

• Building an Great Online Reputation: Solid building blocks on creating and protecting your business’s reputation.

Hire Ann Marie to work with or speak to your organization. Contact her directly: • +1 302.563.0992 • amvandenhurkapr Skype

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