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Simple and Free Way to Boost Your Business

If there was one thing you could do today to have a huge impact on your business, would you do it? I bet the answer is yes without a thought. And you would do it today.

Here is the most effective marketing tip: claim and verify your business in Google Your Business. Yes. That’s it.

In my practice, I often meet with businesses both small and large looking for a quick boost in their marketing. They ask how can they get more customers to find them.While quick fixes usually have temporary results, Google Your Business has ongoing results. Many have not heard of Google Your Business and/or not thought it was important. It is a simple and FREE action with a huge impact on your business.

There are 34 billion monthly searches conducted on Google. And 18.7 billion are mobile. Customers are looking for what products and services your business offer. If they can’t find you then they aren’t purchasing from you.

Claim and verifying your business allows your business to be found. Essentially it is getting your business on Google Maps and search. This is especially important for bricks and mortar enterprises since it focuses on local search or the “near me” function on mobile.

How to claim and verify on Google Your Business

Verifying shows that you are the official creator of the page. It increases your site in Google’s search ranking by boosting your authenticity in the eyes of Google. The verification process helps ensure that your business information is accurate and that only you have access to it.

  1. You need to add or claim your business by going to Get Your Page and select Store Front. You will need a Google account; it could the one you use for Gmail or Google +. The more information you can include on your Google Page the better. Share your services, address, hours, contact information, photos, logo, and your website at the least. Especially if you do not have a website. (And if you do not have a website, then we need to talk.)
  2. After you have claimed your business then you can verify your business by selecting a method. Choosing the verify by postcard to your business address is the easiest method. Once you received the postcard, which takes about two weeks, you can complete the process.

That’s it. The worst thing that could happen in the process is the postcard gets lost in the pile of incoming mail.

Assess to the Google Your Business Dashboard

Once you are verified, you will have access to a dashboard. This dashboard is very helpful. It provides you with easy updating, insights, and monitoring reviews about your business.

Need a boost to your marketing? Let’s talk about integrated marketing solutions for your business at +1 302-563-0992 or ann@mindthegappr.com. I am Ann Marie van den Hurk and I want to help your business.

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