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This past week was filled with the worst and the best of mankind. All happening in the span of minutes. I was glued to my TV and Twitter feed on Monday and then again on Friday watching the events of the bombing of the Boston Marathon unfold. The situation was all happening real time.

Journalism 101: When Getting it First Trumps Getting it Right – PBS’s Gwen Ifill speaks to the situation of the chaos of Boston around breaking news. I’d rather have a delay on news then reporting incorrect and not verified information first. I’ve said my peace here on the topic. OK, I haven’t and I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing about it soon. Like public relations, I’m passionate about this topic, too.

There was A LOT of discussion around to post or not to post during a crisis such as Boston Marathon bombing. For me, I think it is up to the person and/or organization to make that choice to continue promotion and marketing. That said it is important to be sympathetic to the situation and be mindful of the tone. There were many posts written. Here are some of the diverse posts I recommend you read:

Auto Tweets and Tragedy  by DJ Thistle

Auto-tweets, Kawasaki and Takedowns: The Ugly Side of Social by Jason Mollica

Now to end with some beauty… from my friend, Geoff Livingston.

Respect and peace to all as we move forward.

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