Using Snapchat for Your Business?

If you are a business focused on youth, then Snapchat is worth exploring as a way to get your mission, products, and/or services in front of an audience tough to reach. Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media apps with over 100 million users and most are under 25.Snapchat is a messaging platform for smartphones designed for sharing moments within a closed group. You can take a photo or video, add a caption and send it to a friend. There is an option to add the photo or video to a collection of photos or videos called a “Story.” You can share that with some or all of your friends. Your friends may view the Snaps and Story for a set amount of time, and then it disappears. While heavily used by teens, the platform has evolved into a storytelling venue for brands, individuals, news media, and politicians.

Using it for Business

Snapchat can be a great tool for organizations to engage their audience and give them authentic content. The users want behind-the-scenes looks and unfiltered photos they cannot find with any other social media platform. They want the inside scoop. The nature of Snapchat is that it gives you 100 percent of your customers’ attention for the seconds you have to get your message across. Unlike other social networks, where users have to scroll through to find something that interests them, the content they are interested in is there for them to consume.

“My Story” is also unique because, after 24 hours of posting, the update is gone. This means engaged users will check for updates often over the course of the day, giving companies the chance to post unique content continuously. The content should in real-time so it can be immediately consumed by the user.

Hustle Needed to Succeed

Snapchat is a closed environment where Snaps aren’t public or searchable. That makes user discovery difficult. It is important for a business to grow its account via influencers or promotional content at stores and through other social media platforms. Since user discovery on Snapchat doesn’t exist, it is essential that businesses grow a following organically. An organization should utilize other social channels like Facebook and Twitter and traditional means as materials at bricks and mortar locations to drive followers to Snapchat by posting regular content.

Snapchat Ads and Unpaid Promotions

Let’s start with unpaid promotions. Snapchat is ideal for small businesses when rolling out a new product and wanting to show in a quick sound bite why your product or service is the best on the market. You can use Snapchat to give people a preview of an upcoming product or service and make it feel unique for the people seeing it. Snapchat also works great for contests or giveaways, but remember to check your state’s laws regarding those first.

There are tree types of ads on the platform:

  • Snap Ads – 10-second vertical video ads
  • Sponsored Lenses – photo modification users “play” with
  • Sponsored Geofilters – unique photo filters only available at locations you specify

Sponsored Ads and Lenses are still very expensive with minimum spend per month is $40,000. The Geofilters can cost as low as $5 making it affordable for smaller organizations.

Snapchat can be good for your organization if you have a vision and hustle.

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