Before You Invest More Dollars in Social Media, Get a Social Media Audit

If you are going to invest resources in social media or any communications channel you need to know if it is an effect tool in reaching your business goals. A social media audit helps you see the big and small pictures allowing you a full view of your current social media activities. And allows you to plan for the future.

Over the past few years there has been a push to use social media for business. Many businesses went ahead and dove into social media having a presence on every and all social media platforms. Businesses invested resources in social media. Often without much thought or planning.

Fast forward a couple of years. Social media is maturing as a business communications channel. Businesses, rightly so, are starting to question the value of social media to their business. Organizations are asking what is the return of investment of social media for their businesses. Organizations continue to invest resources in social media. Budgets are becoming larger. Some figures being shared that 46% of businesses are increasing their budgets for social media in 2014. That’s great news, but how to know your social media efforts are doing what you think they are doing.

Can you answer the following questions?

Do know where your current or potential customers are in terms of social media platforms?
What are your online marketing objectives?
Where your business exists on the Internet?
Do you have a digital marketing plan in place?

Social Media Audit is Key.

This is where conducting a social media audit is key to your success on social media. You need to know those answers to gauge your efforts. Mind The Gap Public Relations can help your business understand your social media needs by conducting a social media audit.

What does Social Media Audit include from Mind The Gap PR?

• Analysis of the social media efforts of up to 3 of direct competitors
• Analysis social media efforts including your strategy for using social media, who your customers are, and how well the tools you are using are helping you achieve your goals.
• Recommendation for your social media strategy, including any current tools you are using, and any additional tools that you aren’t using currently.
• Recommended content strategy moving forward. 
• Recommendations on how to build engagement and interaction with customers via your social media efforts.
• Recommendations on how to increase your content creation.
• Detailed analysis of how to measure your results, including which metrics you should be tracking, an explanation of why you should be tracking them, which calls to action you should be including in your content, etc.

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Let’s figure out your social media ROI and how to move your social marketing forward.

Let’s figure out your social media ROI.

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