Harness Power of Social Media with Social Media Strategy

Ann Marie was professional, personal and a joy to work with. She engaged our followers with excellent social media coverage and was onsite regularly to know our business model.  We were very pleased with her work and her professionalism.

Inez Ribustello

President, Tarboro Brewing Company & Co-Owner, On The Square Restaurant , Tarboro Brewing Company

Brands are finally realizing the value of social media and are now using social media as a viable channel to communicate with customers. Most brands are using social media in a traditional way, as a one-way street where information is broadcast with little or no interaction.

Increased social media participation by businesses is creating a lot of noise for the consumer.According to recent research, 2/3 of Americans use social media. And most use 5 social media platforms. Your customers are on social media. They are looking for information and answers to their questions or challenges. Most social media users are savvy. And, just like with Internet advertising, users are tuning out. It seems consumers aren’t interested in being talked at, but rather being talked with in their interactions with brands.


How do you break through the noise?


It isn’t the first question you should ask yourself. A better question is, why is your business participating in social media?

When you answer that question then you can ask why users should care about what you are saying. Think about what value you bring into the space as an expert in your sector. That is the key to breaking through the noise.

We can help you answer the question and build a social media strategy to break through the noise reaching your new and existing customers.


We build your social media strategy:

  • Assessment of your digital properties including website and social media
  • Creation of digital properties based on audit results
  • Integration of social media properties into marketing efforts
  • Recommendations of content and listening programs
  • Content marketing programs

We will provide you with a comprehensive plan. A road map for you follow.

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